Healing with Dr Bach

Many of you will have either seen or used Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy. Dr Bach explained the healing properties of flower remedies in terms of a philosophy of life that saw a person as much more than the outward physical body that is treated in conventional medicine. Illness, he suggested, was a message from our inner being calling for a change in our way of living and our mental outlook.

The primary purpose of the flower essences is to help us to change and bring us back to a genuinely happy experience of life. Dr Bach developed the healing system of Flower Remedies out of an understanding that our physical ailments have an emotional cause and that certain flowers can act as messengers to our emotions, acting as a catalyst for the release of healing for the mind and body.

He gave up a successful practice in bacteriology, vaccine therapy and homeopathy in order to search for the plants and trees that form the range of Bach Flower Remedies. Each flower was found to embody the positive and harmonising force for a negative emotional state, be it fear, anxiety, resentment or despair. In order to transfer this healing force to a patient, Bach prepared essences from the flowers, to be taken as a medicine. He found that as the negative moods changed, so the person would return to physical health. They have been in use throughout the world in the years since Bach’s death in 1936.

With our unisex and unique therapeutic Botanical Mists you get the effects of Bach Flower Remedies but with the added therapeutic effects of aromatherapy too.  

Please click on these links to view each mist: Calm Botanical Mist, Protected Botanical Mist, Joyful Botanical Mist.

Susan x