About Us

We have taken great pride in creating products with no artificial colours, no bulking agents, no synthetic aromas and all are vegan and not tested on animals. Our packaging is purposely small for travel, so there is less waste, and we have used containers that can be recycled after use.

Our commitment is that we will continue to explore innovations to bring new products to you in planet friendly containers and boxes.


Our containers can all be repurposed and are recyclable. Our envelopes and postal boxes are from sustainably sourced origins and also recyclable. Our commitment is that we will continue to explore innovations to bring new products to you in planet friendly containers and boxes.

We work with British companies who also put sustainability at the forefront of their operations and are mindful about waste, sourcing and mode of deliveries. For example, each individual essential oil grown abroad has its own journey to our Hampshire factory and we only work with suppliers who monitor their carbon footprint. Our Bach Flower remedies are made from plants grown in the UK then made in Herefordshire, delivered by electric vehicles.


We love making high quality, travel friendly, vegan products that are impactful and a joy to use.

We do not – and will not – use bulking agents (which are all too common with many supplements brands) nor will we ever use synthethic colours or aromas in our Botanical Mists or future products.

We are a British company and will continue to work with British companies because we believe in Great Britain plc which harbours amazing talent. All too often companies have sold themselves out to sources abroad to cut production costs but we commit to supporting our wonderful country.

The price of our products has been decided upon to make them accessible for all.



Carrie has a clinical background, treating mainly diabetic patients with numerous cardiovascular and neurological conditions. She then began her journey into natural health and wellbeing alternatives. In 2016 Carrie qualified as a Pilates Instructor, teaching alignment, breathing and core stability. Her experience shows that fire-fighting health concerns with synthetic medicines and products doesn't always leave the mind and body in equilibrium. She works with a wonderful team of inspirational health practitioners and advisors who share her passion for healing the body naturally. Carrie can be contacted via the email below.



Susan qualified in Homeopathy and Naturopathy and has authored numerous books on essential oils, herbs and natural health and wellbeing. Susan served as both a Director and Board Member of an international wellbeing and beauty company, helping to take it from its grass roots and local origins to an internationally renowned brand. Susan's passion is helping people to improve their physical and mental health outcomes by using high quality, natural alternatives that make a real difference. Susan is part of the Advice Team and can be contacted on +44 (0)7775 155106 or via the email below.



Shona is a Registered Nutritionist advising nutritional brands and retailers in the health industry via her company, Shona Wilkinson Nutrition Ltd. She is a Member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and the Royal Society for Medicine. Shona has made numerous television appearances as a nutritional expert. She is passionate about nutrition and supplements and has worked with the Founders of Natural Herb Remedies on the formulations for all Supplements. Shona is part of the Advice Team and can be contacted using the email link below.



Julie absolutely loves plants and has experienced their healing properties in many ways, over many years, since qualifying as a Medical Herbalist in 2005 and running her own private practice. Julie believes plants and herbs are natural medicines that can heal our bodies and minds, bringing us back to a harmonious rhythm and balance. Julie developed the herb garden at Shaftesbury Abbey in Dorset, where she has offered guided walks and tours for nearly two decades. She also teaches workshops and courses in herbal medicine and co-authored the DK Complete Wellbeing book. Julie is part of the Advice Team and can be contacted via the email link below.



Ines has over a decade of experience of wellness and aromatherapy, with a particular interest in natural healing and hormonal imbalances. Ines is passionate about natural healing and was Head of Education and a Tutor for an international wellbeing and beauty brand. Ines has written and delivered many courses and workshops in aromatherapy and massage. As a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and Federation of Holistic Therapists, Ines forms part of the Advice Team and can be contacted via the email listed below.

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Siena is the PR guru for Natural Herb Remedies and runs her own firm, The Brand Whisperer. Any enquiries relating to the press, interviews, public speaking opportunities and collaborations should be directed to Siena on +44 (0)7775 155107. Alternatively click on the link below to email her.



Tash is the expert for all things related to social media, including YouTube. She works with Siena at The Brand Whisperer. If you have any Instagram queries or would like to suggest a collaboration then please call Tash on +44 (0)7775 155107 or email her using the link below.