Natural solutions for anxiety

I think one of the most stressful things for human beings is when we lack a sense of purpose or feel we are on the wrong track. That can then all too easily lead to feelings of unease and anxiety. Even if your health or circumstances aren’t as ideal as you would want them, providing you feel you are doing the right thing with your life at that time, most things are bearable; and you are likely to sleep better, look after yourself better and have more energy and enthusiasm for life.

If you can begin the day with a few mind and body exercises it’s a really good foundation and it has a cumulative effect over the months and years that you do it too, helping to keep you both more supple and optimistic.

During the day it is essential to get outside and go for a walk. Being outside gives a different perspective on life and it’s a chance to interact with nature and people. Just walking in a city park for a few minutes has been proven to have a beneficial effect on our wellbeing. This is especially important as so many of us are working long hours online these days, so getting exercise and a change of scenery can really help to dispel feelings of tension and anxiety.

There are some herbs and nutritional supplements that are a real gift to help with feelings of tension and anxiety. One of my absolute favourite herbs is Lemon Balm, also known as Melissa. It’s a gentle yet effective herb, calming the emotions and heart, soothing the stomach and strengthening the nervous system. B vitamins are also essential in helping to relieve stress and anxiety. A great benefit to ‘going natural’ is these ingredients don’t cause drowsiness, unlike many pharmaceuticals designed for anxiety, which can take months for the body to adapt to and months to wean-off afterwards. 

Aromatherapy can also be enormously helpful in treating stress, anxiety and even depression, with many studies showing the benefits of essential oils on poor sleep, anxiety and other symptoms of stress and tension.  Vetiver has a wonderful woody smell and helps calm the nervous system. Jasmine is a wonderful floral scent (and often found in men’s scents, so not overtly feminine) which helps to calm the nervous system and relieve anxiety.

Our travel-friendly products for anxiety contain the herbs, vitamins or essential oils discussed and are suitable for both men and women. They can be taken as quick-fixes or daily and we’ve had fantastic feedback from people they have helped!

Relax Supplement
Calm Botanical Mist
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Susan x