The wonders of Vetiver

This is your perfect calm during a storm. This incredibly grounding and calming oil has been traditionally used within Aromatherapy where stress and tension have been affecting the system and where there is a lack of grounding. It’s comforting, sweet, earthy and slightly smoky aroma evoke a sense of instant calm during times of stress, tension and anxiety. 

The oil is steam-distilled from the extensive fine rootlets of this perennial grass which is native to India. The chopped and dried grass has been used for centuries in Asia due to its sedating and highly calming effects and is often worked into mattresses to encourage a good night’s sleep. But did you know that this highly calming oil can also act as an aphrodisiac?

As an Aromatherapist, I like to use this essential oil in a variety of massage blends especially for stress related muscular tension, but it is also one of my favourite oils to use in facial treatments as Vetiver has been traditionally used to aid the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system and to improve skin tone and complexion.

Vetiver can be found in the Protected Botanical Mist and Calm Botanical Mist.

Ines x